This is a partial ist of projects, mainly intended to to catch the attention of people who might want to be involved and to make sure I have some sort of public paper trail if I ever need to demonstrate long term work on them.

GPS Streetmaps

For a few year now, I have been developing a model for collating comparitively low value GPS location data (which really only says that someone was at that point) and using statistical methods to aggregate things like topology and rich attribute data. the only code exists as snippets on paper, but I have a heap of notes on issues and approaches. A useful side effect is the development of an XSLT to pull GPX dumps into Well Known Text (WKT) representations suitable for import into PostGIS.

Radiostation Logging

In most places, radiostations need to log what they broadcast. I figured I'd replace the aging Mac II based homebrew logger at the station with some easy to grab, ready rolled application. Some research has shown that none of the FOSS solutions meet all the requirements particularly well. I was going to brew up a hands off solution in summary:

After some investigation, I started writing my own rotating recording tool using Perl and the ALSO recording utility, setting up a bunch of cron jobs to mange recordings, etc. etc. etc. Alas, this would still need a lot more effort (plus X11) to create a friendly GUI. Luckily I then saw Flumotion and I think this covers all the requirements.

As we are recording from the air, we may as well create an all-in-one unit by putting an FM tuner card in a PC.

Solutions considered