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Places to go

Coven is a Tasmanian Goth club and their page has some spiffy pictures and links

DIRE is the ANU gawth club and their page usually has info on events done by Corrosion as well.

As well as being a club scene photographer, dominatrix, writer, publisher etc., Mistress Natalya Dostova is also a wonderful person known to visit Canberra on occassion. Do call again soon.

Things to wear

Adrenalin Body Piercing will poke holes into you if you ask them nicely.

You can never have too much hair, the lovely Emma at Pigtails from the Crypt can give you those luxurient tresses you always dreamt about

Theresa at Reactor Rubberwear can make you all black and shiny.

Pout has offerings from a bunch of Melbourne shops including Viscious Venus and Marquis De Sade.

Ever considered being a Gothic Lolita?

Things to buy


Maccad DJs at Vortex in Sydney and is the creator of Glittershy, a very, very pretty gothic comic.

Slave Labor Graphics is the home of Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese), JhonenV (JTHM, Squee), Serena Valentino & Ted Naifeh (Gloom Cookie) and Roman Dirge (Lenore). Gin makes a man mean!

Lee Higgs Photgraphy turned up when I was looking for Lords of Acid pictures, lovely use of intense colour.


GUP (Ground Under Productions) makes our ears bleed (by mail order).

Subscribe to Radio 2XX because it hosts the S.I.N.G.E.D. radio show on Saturday evenings (from 7 until 8).

Visit Dead Kitty's web site because you know you want to.

Visit Blatant Propaganda because you can buy the A.S.I.N.G.E.D. CD as well as CDs by ELF and Eye

Wendy Rule is a witchy folk singer who plays the Gypsy often enough (and has been known to rescue my stranded sister).

Other resources

Vurt hosts the aus.culture.gothic FAQ has club listings and and other stuff relevant to gawths in Australia

How to dance gothic

How to write gothic poetry

Ever been to a club only to be thrown down to the floor repeatedly and have pools of beer and broken beer glasses stick into your nose? The ANU Jujutsu Club will provide a safe environment in which to be thrown down repeatedly.